heylogin can be used to manage username/passwords for desktop apps using the heylogin.app web interface.
For quickly searching and copy&pasting usernames/passwords, we recommend the quick access functionality.

Opening Quick Access

  1. As long as the browser is open in the background (a), press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 1 on your desktop (b). The following quick access will appear:
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  1. Find the desired login and use the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the username and password into your native app.
    1. a.) The search - Here you can enter the login name, a specific email address, or the website for which you need or have saved the login. If you enter only a few letters, a selection of matching logins will be displayed, if possible.
      b.) The login selection - Here, all logins that match your search will be listed. You can make a selection either with the mouse or the arrow keys.
      c.) The login options - You can perform the described action using the keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the shortcut with the mouse.
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Support for Quick Access

✔️ (only if Firefox is in the foreground)
✔️ (only if Safari is in the foreground)

Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Open the Chrome menu, ExtensionsManage Extensions → on the left side: Keyboard shortcuts. Change the keyboard shortcut according to your preferences.
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