Terms of Use

The Terms of Use apply to all users of heylogin, i.e. the free private accounts, but also to employees in a company who use heylogin. The current terms of use can be found at https://www.heylogin.com/en/terms-of-use.

Terms & Conditions

If you have purchased heylogin through our sales team, the terms and conditions you received in this process apply. If no special requirements have been contractually agreed upon, the terms and conditions apply, which can be found here: https://www.heylogin.com/en/terms-individual.
Our order process via credit card or PayPal is handled by our online reseller & "Merchant of Record", Paddle.com, who also handles order-related inquiries and returns. For information about the Paddle order process and your rights as a customer, please read Paddle's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy: https://www.heylogin.com/en/terms-paddle